100% Modular
Electric Boats

SAVVY is a 100% modular electric watercraft with infinite customisation possibilities. Build your own perfect boat for any purpose.


electric drive


LOA (5.80m)


max speed


autonomous range


The design challenge

The problem

Combustion engine design is locking the potential of space usage on boats. Outboards are ugly and the whole stern goes to waste. Inboards are big and most often require a stepped deck design with fixed layouts. The market is flooded with rigid designs, that require you to buy a full package, all at once, with take-it or leave-it attitude, and very little personalization. Every customization, upgrade or update is difficult, costly and may lead to questionable results: aesthetics, quality, durability, safety, time of execution, available choice, second-hand price, and resale. Furthermore, fuel motors require you to carry flammable liquids on board, that can be a cause of spillage, fumes, fire and even, explosion. These motors are so loud, that most of the cruising pleasure is greatly severed, as well as our nature, with the use of fossil fuels and CO2 emissions. All these factors made us wonder: is it possible to make boating more accessible, safe, sustainable, and fun?

The solution

In order to change the game and tackle the above-mentioned challenges, we decided to create a modular watercraft platform, with electric propulsion. Electric motors are smaller, lighter, and quieter. They consist of fewer moving parts, meaning they are more durable and are easier to maintain, repair, replace, or recycle. They can use energy from multiple sources and have no exhaust emissions. By integrating the motor and the electronics in the heart of the platform, we have achieved unprecedented design possibilities: an 97 sq. ft unobstructed flat deck on a 19 foot hull. As for the hull design, we’ve looked at 1000s of boats and opted for a semi-displacement body, as the best compromise between safety, comfort, and performance. As for everything else, we developed a flexible modular system and intuitive online configurator with which our customers have the complete freedom to create a perfect custom electric boat for any purpose.

Basic specs

LOA (Length Over All):

19 ft / 580 cm


7 feet 2 inches / 230 cm


1 foot 3 inches / 40 cm


1150 lbs / 550 kg (without electronics)

Deck surface area:

97 ft2 / 9 m2


Fibre-reinforced plastic (FRP)

Hull type:


Max passengers:

4-10 crew (depending on configuration)


Class C (Bays, lakes, rivers)


Proven by decades of application, FRP composites are completely recyclable and have no adverse effects on the marine ecosystem.


Core principle of the project is achieving unprecedented levels of customisation possibilities with one universal and modular hull.


Although initially developed for the military, today FRP is used as a substitute for wood and steel across all levels of maritime applications.


A single structure that is light, speedy, strong, watertight, durable, and corrosion-free makes for a great solution, that will last for generations.


Smart boat platform

Zero carbon footprint

Since SAVVY boats do not use a combustion engine, there are no exhaust emissions like CO2 and other harmful chemical by-products. Just renewable energy and clean future on the horizon.

Silent sailing

Enjoy the best of sailing with the best of motor-boating: a silent ride in full comfort. The propulsion is so quiet, you can actually have a conversation in your normal voice, while planing at full speed.

Low maintenance

Electric motors have fewer moving parts compared to combustion motors, meaning they are less prone to faults and malfunction. They are also smaller, lighter, easier to repair, and require no oil change.

Highly customizable

Whether you need a scuba-diving boat, or a mini yacht for a weekend getaway, your SAVVY modular boat has you covered. Explore our ever-growing modules portfolio and personalise your boat anyway you want.


With our modular approach to hull design, propulsion and energy storage, your SAVVY electric boat is ready for the future. Easily upgrade, downgrade or customise your configuration at any time, and stay ahead of the game.

New level of safety

With electric motors there is no need to carry flammable liquids on board, such as fuel, hence there is no risk of spillage, fumes, and fire. Also, we ensure your experience with IP68 electronics casing, and smart sensors.

Low taxes & fares

Switching to electric propulsion is not only great for the environment, but for your finances as well. With so many government incentives and support, overall fares and taxes for owning an electric vehicle are significantly lower.

Easy recycling

The electric motor is 100% recyclable since the majority of its components are made from metal. Furthermore, we ensure that all the materials we use, from hull to decking, are environmentally friendly, complying with the latest regulations.

Exclusive access

Go to places other cannot and get access to national parks and reserves thanks to the magic of electric propulsion. With zero-carbon emissions and silent drive, you can spend your time in the nature to the fullest, without disturbing the environment.

Hull design

Timeless curves

SAVVY’s iconic design is inspired by the great white shark, exploration and the timeless classics. The hull incorporates clean, straight, and functional lines, allowing maximum space usage with sleek, never-ageing style.

Unobstructed stern

The water-level open stern sets the new standard in accessibility, pleasure and functionality. Whether it is used for swimming, fishing or transportation, SAVVY boat’s simple and elegant stern is up to the task.

Vacuum compressed

After moulding and glueing, the FRP layers are vacuum-compressed at an incredible 10,000 kg/m2, in order to achieve premium-grade integrity of the hull, get rid of remaining air pockets, and shred an amazing 30% of the weight.

Plug & Play rail system
Vacuum compressed
Load capacity
Unobstructed stern
Semi-displacement hull


Axe-like bow cuts deep through the waves, while the mellow stern allows better control, stability and panning properties. Optimum balance between performance and comfort.


To make sure your SAVVY electric boat has the protection it deserves we’ve designed an 360º replaceable fenders system that gently follows the boat’s perimeter. Onyx Black fenders come as standard, with the optional rubber, pillow, and rope versions.

Brilliant colors

Completely customise your SAVVY boat’s appearance with any Pantone colour, or select from our range of blends that are inspired by nature, elegance and timeless beauty.

Electronics & Safety


We strive to ensure functionality and a long service life to the highest standards, in aspect to all three types of corrosion: electrochemical, galvanic and electrolytic.

IP68 Unit Casing

All electronic units are sealed in IP68 class waterproof casings, meaning that they can be indefinitely submerged into water up to 13 feet (4m) of depth.

Integrated sensors

All our boats are equipped with integrated water, temperature, pressure and proximity sensors, that allow us to track, control and optimize all onboard processes.

Load capacity

With load capacity of 1500 kg, you can ensure you’ve got all the equipment you need with everyone still on board, all without compromising safety or performance.


The hull’s inner structure is filled with polyurethane foam, that keeps the vessel afloat even with severe damage, and flooding. An extra step towards the ultimate safety.

Easy transportation

Hull dimension have been carefully designed with ISO transportation standards in mind: each SAVVY electric can be easily transported by road or via shipping containers.


Brushless electric motors

Select from our range of permanent magnet brushless electric motors, which provide an incredible concentration of power, low vibrations, no carbon footprint and require minimum maintenance. Tested in harshest conditions, proven reliable in industrial use.

Electro-hydraulic steering

Each SAVVY electric boat comes with an integrated drive-by-wire system by default, so the Command Console could be placed anywhere on the deck. For this to happen, we are using an electro-hydraulic steering pump chosen for its torque management properties.

Propeller & rudders

Choose between our sets of aluminum or stainless-steel branded propellers and rudder blades. Sets come in funky colors and vary by size, depending on desired towing or planing properties. All sets have been designed and sharpened exclusively for SAVVY boats.

Bow thruster

Have total control of your boat’s agility, with an inboard electric bow thruster, that will help you manouver better in any condition. Bow thruster comes as an option.


Spend more quality time on your boat, and let the integrated autopilot system take care of the boring parts of your journey. Autopilot comes as an option.


Gain better balance and comfort on board when transporting unequally distributed weight, with auto-adjustable flaps system. Flaps come as an option.

Battery & Autonomy

Superior battery technology

Lithium-based batteries store significantly more energy than all other types, they maintain a high current, they do not lose charging capacity, they supply power reliably even in the cold and have no memory effect.

Lithium battery

As standard, each SAVVY electric boat comes equipped with one EV lithium battery with 90 minutes capacity at top speed. Each battery has a 5 year warranty, and can provide up to 24 hours of cruising time at 4 knots, or 1.5 hours of planing.

Upgrade capacity

SAVVY hull and electronic setup supports installation and upgrade of additional lithium EV batteries, with 48V operating voltage and 280kg maximum weight. Achieve full autonomy for days, or dramatically extend your planing time.

Fast charging

The powerful 3-step battery charger guarantees maximum battery life and can simultaneously charge two battery banks. Full battery charging cycle takes up to 4 hours, while the Fast-charging option charges your batteries 80% only in 20 minutes.

Shore power

You can charge your SAVVY boat anywhere where there is standard 110-230v electricity. Just plug the cable in any marina, petrol station or any other outboard energy source, i.e. generator and stay sure that your SAVVY is always ready for adventures.

Solar charging

All inboard electronics are configured, so they can be easily upgraded with solar charging panels, via our Hardtop solutions. Harness the power of solar energy, charge your batteries and peripherals on the fly, and take the nest step towards true independence.

Standard voltage 110-230v

The inverter with high peak power starts even the heaviest loads, being easily sufficient for your espresso machine. A built-in distribution system switches between grid and inverter power. Use your favorite gadgets on board, with two separate AC 110-230V outputs.

DeepCycle AGM batteries x 2

In addition to lithium batteries, each SAVVY electric boat is fitted with 2 additional lead-acid batteries. One serves as an emergency drive backup energy storage, only designed for last resort usage. The other battery actually powers all onboard electronics, and is never used for propulsion.

System Management Unit

Our smart management unit bundles all AC inputs and allows charging from onshore power (while at dock) or from a generator (while at sea). It also manages battery levels and ensures you always know how much energy you actually have.

Modular Deck

Grid panel system

We wanted to do is design a flexible, yet robust system, that would support various types of modules and applications. As the result, we created a plug-and-lock tiling system that is transparent, reliable and extensible.

Flat surface

Creating a completely flat open-space deckboard was a number one design priority, that allows for incredible things to happen on board. New standard of accessibility and space utilisation.

Anti-slippery cover

All our decking solutions have anti-slippery covers that raise the bar for usability and safety on board. With customizable combination of colors, stay safe in style.

360 deck railing

Each SAVVY electric boat comes equipped with an elegant handlebar rail, to gently follows the deck contour. The rail facilitates gripping, mooring and opens the door to various bimini solutions.

Water & Sun resistant

With our rigorous material selection criteria, the deck incorporates only solutions that can withstand constant exposure to UV rays, varying temperature, and of course, salty water and mechanical handling.

Finish options

We offer a range of decking solutions, depending on the desired application. From the timeless classic teak wood to innovative surfaces for sport or fishing, customize your SAVVY boat to fit any purpose.

Freedom of control

10+ control positions

Place the control bar anywhere on the deck! With over 10 distinct positions, surely you’ll find the one that  suits you the best, or the purpose ahead. Control from the stern sailboat-style, or go full frontal for carrying heavy loads.

Control with any device

Connect to your SAVVY electric boat via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and remotely control your boat with any iOS or Android device. Take your boating to the next level with the gadgets you already love and use. Truly, the freedom of control.

Mini & Standard console

We offer Mini and Standard Command consoles that come equipped with a steering wheel, throttle and basic switches. Mini Console is designed to occupy minimum space, while the Standard version focuses on full control and modular upgrade.


Customise your boat

Docking accessories

Mooring and docking accessories to give your boat the ultimate look and feel.

Charging stations

Standard and fast charging stations for installation in marinas, bays, docks and pierces.

Certified boats and modules

Explore our traded-in vessels and modules that are in great condition and immediately available.

Clothing & Merchendise

Support our brand and mission with our finest quality clothing products and spread the word.

Maintenance services

Everything your boat needs, in order to spend more time on water and less in the docks.

Protection & Insurance

Protect your boat from the unexpected with insurance deals from our certified partners.


Build your own
perfect boat

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